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Elaine Berlin creates original works of art in the acrylic medium on canvas and paper. Each painting creates an atmosphere of harmony reflecting a love for color with attention to the final vision. Her clientele embrace the intuitive design and oneness portrayed in every work.

Born, raised and educated in the Lowcountry, Elaine has earned the opportunity to show in the nationally acclaimed Piccolo Spoleto Festival of Arts for over 20 years.

Elaine’s painting “Rembrandt’s Favorite” was selected as the Official Spoleto Festival Poster of 2007. The painting graced the covers of 50,000 Piccolo Spoleto booklets, 70,000 ticket brochures and hundreds of T-shirts. Berlin’s winning image was named for her golden retriever Rembrandt who liked to watch her paint late at night.

Elaine Berlin’s work can also be seen year-round in the window displays of Berlin’s Clothing Store at 114 King Street, Charleston, SC.